Best mask in the market

Color Name: Black 
Excellent mask, very comfortable, good protection. Think this is the best mask available in the market

Reviewed in India on 21 July 2020
Virender Kumar Goel

Good product, highly recommended

Color Name: Black 
Good and useful product. Only the mask is washable not the filters. One filter will last you a month and a half, depending on usage it might last longer. For a daily user it is recommended to change filter every month and a half. The additional filters available are pocket friendly and don't put a dent in your pocket like some of the other use n throw masks do..

Reviewed in India on 22 November 2019

Great mask for daily use

Pollution has become a bigger problem everywhere and especially in Metros where traffic jams are long and people don't turn off their vehicles while on red light. So having a mask is very important.
The quality of fabric used in the mask is very good, soft and does not feel cheap. Mask fits perfectly on face. The straps are adjustable and can fit any face however people with long face might find this short at times. The nose clip is well cushioned and does not hurt. Though it may leave some mark on nose when you wear mask for long time just like your sunglasses it's not permanent so don't worry. There are 4 filters provided with the mask I found it but difficult to put filter inside the mask. Once it's in place you don't have any problems. Since I wear the mask inside my helmet so I have not changed the filter yet it's been more than 2 months now. It's recommended to change filter every 100 hours. Overall it's a great mask and highly recommend.

Reviewed in India on 8 March 2020 

Best mask ever!!

I live this mask. It’s ideal for use. Love the cloth as I can wear it for extended periods of time without discomfort and the extra carbon filter sheets are ideal. I wash it every second day, and definitely prefer it to the other use and throw masks.
Reviewed in India on 16 January 2020
Nupur Aggarwal

Easy to use and essential to have

The anti-pollution mask is easy to use, easy to change carbonated filters and very essential to keep smoke & dust out.
This does wonders in keeping pollen out and very essential to have in big cities. I use it while walking, driving, etc, Indoors and outdoors. Because of the breathable inlet, you will not feel suffocated while walking or working out.

Reviewed in India on 20 January 2020
Vikram Kumar P M

Simple superb

Very nice product and simple super, I am using from one month, its really useful

Reviewed in India on 18 December 2019

Face mask  

The product is good.. very comfortable .. fits well.. the string can be little soft material.. there is little itching .. only cleaning inside part needs to be checked but overall value for money

Reviewed in India on 5 March 2020
Pavan Vajjhala

Must item for the City Traffic!

I started using this for more than 1 week. The main disadvantage I felt the FOG catching on my Helmet's Windshield (Even though I'm using a Half Helmet with visors) while waiting on the signals. Initial days I was not that comfort while riding with the mask, but now I used to that. The good thing that they providing a total of 4 activated carbon filters with the pack!

Reviewed in India on 11 February 2020

Nice product

Everything is good but more colours should be there for choice with black colour.And there should be option there to buy more filters after four filter which include in price.

Reviewed in India on 21 January 2020
Naveen Singh

Great quality and perfect design.

Great quality and perfect design. We get a mask & 2 filters in a small paper box. Adjustable ear straps and nose clip. There's a cushioning type arrangement at the nose clip.

Reviewed in India on 28 June 2020
Munaf Shaik

Best mask you can get 

Made in India and DRDO approved, good quality and easy to breathe, reusable. I have reviewed over 200 masks and tried 3 reusable masks, I am sure about my this decision of calling this the best one.

I can always pay more if things are made in India but think to lower the cost if possible for everyone. 

Reviewed in India on 3 July 2020
Pratyush Sharma