The key to efficient protection for an air mask is mainly the filter capability and the fit of the mask. The OxiClear Air Mask 2.0 is therefore built around 3 foundations - protection, comfort, and design. Here we explain how our mask works and what makes it unique.




D.R.D.O. N99 Certified Face Mask

Certifications equal public trust. When a product is certified, it means that the finished product is tested for effectiveness, conditioning, fit and safety. Certification also means that each OxiClear Pollution Mask is manufactured under a strict quality plan. As a leader in combatting the adverse effects of air pollution and other respiratory health problems, OxiClear continues to improve through design, material innovations, and customer feedback.

5 in 1 Protection

The air we breathe has a direct impact on our health. OxiClear Pollution Mask offers protection from microscopic particles resulting from air pollution, dust, smoke, pollen, and bacteria. Wellness results from conscientiously applied healthy living principles and starts with breathing clean air.