OxiClear Refill Filter, PM2.5 Activated Carbon Filters | Pack of 6

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  • REFILL FILTERS FOR POLLUTION MASK - OxiClear Pollution Mask Refill Filters. It is recommended to replace the filter in your mask after every 100 hours of use, for best results.
  • ADVANCE ACTIVATED CARBON TECHNOLOGY - OxiClear state of the art activated carbon filters, are also infused with other compounds like magnesium dioxide and copper oxide to remove EVEN MORE hazardous pollutants from the air, such as carbon monoxide, ethylene oxide, and ozone. OxiClear filters are also more adept at preventing a buildup of bacteria that can occur naturally over time.
  • PM 2.5, BACTERIA, POLLEN, SMOKE & DUST FILTRATION - Particle pollution is a mixture of solids and liquid droplets floating in the air. Some particles are released directly from a specific source, while others form in complicated chemical reactions in the atmosphere. Particles less than or equal to 10 micrometers in diameter are so small that they can get into the lungs, potentially causing serious health problems. Ten micrometers are less than the width of a single human hair.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION - We created OxiClear with a single goal in mind to make life easier, healthier & advocate environmental protection. What a great gift - add a couple to your cart today!